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Praying the Prodigals Home is dedicated to helping those who need encouragement and assistance in reaching those they feel are lost.


Where did the term Prodigal Son come from?

The true love of a parent for their child is shown in the parable of the Lost Son. The story of a young man who broke his father's heart when he left home and yet never damaged the hunger and love that the father had for his son. (Luke 15:11-32)  It's a story that has been with us for many years and yet its impact is still as true today as it ever was.


It is with a reflection of this joy that we approach the return of those who are lost, those who have left their Father and are wandering alone. Forgiveness and the joy of reconciliation wait for them to return. We have to be ready to receive and welcome these wanderers as they make approaches to turn to the Father. We want to help you bring the Prodigals home


We look forward to seeing their return just as  the longing father did in the story. The Father's heart cries out and he still hungers for his children that are lost to return.  Let us prepare ourselves to welcome these as they return not as the elder brother in the story did but with delight and anticipation.

The resources that we have used are freely available to you and are listed on our Download page whilst some of the things that encouraged us to reach out are listed in our Links page.

If you have an urgent prayer request regarding the person you feel is lost send us an email at


and we will add that person to the list of those that we are praying for.


Or if you feel that you are lost or are searching for something send us an email at


and one of our team members will get back to you very shortly. You'll find that we will accept you as you are no matter where your life has led you in the past. We are just delighted that you are looking at coming back. We join with our loving Father in longing for your return.





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Living Free

10 short 12 minute movies that explain what Christianity is all about.

Available for Download Here

All movies can be downloaded in MP4 format

And full scripts can be downloaded in PDF.

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Something to encourage and uplift you - Promises from Scripture


You can see the promises here


You can download the promises text  in .pdf format




If you'd like some studies from a different perspective - Visit

Christianity Works

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